About Us


Raising Champion Children Initiative (RCCI) is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting and improving the lives of less privileged children, their families, and communities. By empowering them, through quality relevant education innovative healthcare and entrepreneurial skills.
The initiative will work with government, private sector, voluntary organizations, and most importantly NGO partners to raise the standard of teaching and learning in public schools.

The initiative will train teachers to provide high-quality education targeted at developing the potentials and talents of learners, improving the learning environment by providing basic amenities and empowering families to become employable and independent earners.
RCCI Nigeria is an affiliate of RCCI UK.


1. To improve the quality of education in the schools by providing high-quality training for teaching and non-teaching staff to suit various changing21st-century contexts .(critical and creative thinking)

2. To improve pupils’ personal development and welfare (wellbeing) by arranging various health check sessions such as dental checks, eye care etc

3. To provide an environment that meets the needs of every child to prepare them to thrive in our rapidly changing world. Children will be supported in various ways such as feeding, clothing and educational materials.

4. To reduce or control the high rate of drop outs by running workshops for parents and pupils on the importance of education and how to break barriers which stop them from continuing their education