Information for Parents and Guardians of University Students.

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My final write up for the Month of April . I would like to thank all our readers who liked and shared our page. This week, I am writing a piece that I am sure will be of interest to parents of undergraduates, prospective undergraduates and postgraduate university students.

University is a life changing event and more often than not, results in your son or daughter leaving home for the first time. I hope to help alleviate any concerns you may have about sending your child off to university. The University student experience is very important. It is a wonderful time for making friends, learning new things, gaining new skills and developing existing ones.
The first step is ensuring your son/daughter secures a place at their chosen University. Once this happens, the next thing to consider is accommodation. This can be within the University campus or close by. Most first year students, prefer to live on campus if possible for security and it is probably the easiest way to make friends. Some students however, choose to stay at home to save on accommodation costs if they are attending university not too far from home. This is therefore another option to consider.
Another thing to consider is an exhaustive list of things they will need for those living away from home. This ranges from kitchen utensils to photos to decorate their room. Also don’t forget the cost of transportation of all their belongings to their hall of residence or privately rented apartment/flat or shared house.
Before they go off to university:
Stay calm and supportive
Give them gifts and packages when they come home – their favourite food to take with them etc
Make sure they can do their own laundry
Teach them a few recipes
Talk them through their finances
Give them space and privacy.
To ensure your son/daughter makes the most of university, encourage them to take part in extra-curricular activities. Additionally, many students look for a part-time job in their first year to make some extra money or to help with their chosen career and improve their employability. I strongly encourage this!
Signs that your son/daughter is finding University difficult.
Balancing academic studies with a social life, coupled with the newly found freedom of living away from home, is often an overwhelming challenge. Add a part-time job to that mix, and the burden can become simply too much, affecting all aspects of a student’s life and their physical and mental well-being. University students are often struck by how quickly they can fall behind in their new academic environment. Whether it is something you can help them with, or whether you encourage them to speak to careers services provided by the University, there is always something that can be done, whatever the issue. Some of the symptoms listed below can be harder to look for as your son or daughter is living away from home, but by asking questions and listening carefully, you should be able to pick up any tell-tale signs.
Academic indicators:
· Deterioration in quality of work,
· Missed assignments or appointments,
· Repeated absence from class or lectures,
· Behaving withdrawn
Physical or psychological indicators:
· Reluctance to discuss their life at university or projects they are working on.
· They may have little to say in general.
· Unusual change (not for the better) in physical appearance or personal hygiene.
· Excessive fatigue or sleep difficulties.
· Unprovoked anger or hostility, particularly when pressurised to talk about their life at university.
· Irritability, anxiety or tearfulness, along with marked changes in concentration and motivation, are further symptoms.
Generally, your instinct is a good guide, so if you feel there is something wrong, don’t ignore it. The first thing to do is try to talk to your son or daughter yourself. Discuss their worries and issues, if they are willing to talk.
Once again, thank you for reading this piece. Feel free to share your ideas and experiences on this topic with me or other parents. If your child would like some support in the lead-up to university or other academic help, contact me here by email

Yetunde Agbesanwa , Hons,, PGCE (Mathematics) is a practicing & fully qualified teacher of Mathematics with over 15 years experience teaching at secondary schools. She is a proven expert at the current curriculum and all the recent changes in Key stages 2, 3, 4 and 5. She is also the CEO of Clearer Educational Tutors, where she prepares prospective pupils for the 11+ entrance examinations, SATS, GCSE and A level Mathematics. A wife and mother to two daughters and a son, she is very passionate about empowering and educating children to prepare them to be the champions of the future.
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