How To Help Your Child Cope During Their GCSE And GCE Examinations.

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What are the GCSE/GCE (A level) Examinations?
These are external examinations taken at the end of Year 11 (key stage 4) and Year 13 (key stage 5) in the United Kingdom. These examinations are important in determining the next steps in your child’s academic path. There are several options depending on whether they are looking to start working straight away or pursuing higher education or maybe taking a break to go on a gap year.
Given the importance of this period, it is essential you sit with your child to discuss careers they are drawn to in order to make an informed and correct decision with them.
Why do young people get stressed during exam period?
  •  Pressure from school, peers, parents and relatives to do well in their GCSE /A-levels
  • The need to get high grades to pursue the career they really want
  • Uncertainty about what to do next – “There are so many options, what if I make the wrong choice?”
  • The feeling of change in life style – going to college or university, moving homes and building new relationships.
 Symptoms of exam stress:
  1. Insomnia/lack of sleep
  2. Constant fatigue
  3. Sadness/depression
  4. Panicking
  5. Forgetfulness
  6. Poor appetite
  7. Social withdrawal
  8. Loss of interest in activities
  9. Increased anxiety and irritability
Ways to relax
  1. Time out – get them to run a bath or watch a few episodes of their favourite TV show
  2. Exercise –  this a great solution and those endorphins will get them in a better mood in no time
  3. Eat well – stay hydrated and eat healthily to ensure maximum productivity during revision
  4. Communication is always the key
  5. Use the internet – there are tens of revision websites out there that can really shake up your revision routine e.g. apps for languages, games for mathematics, revision websites for Mathematics such as mathsgenii and engaging youtube videos for science 
Stress alleviation tips 
  • Start revising as soon as the mocks start & have a plan – revision time-table
  • Getting them a tutor or help for the subjects they are struggling in
  • Easing the pressure on your child, make them lunch , buy them some index cards or other revision materials
  • Give them the space to revise, don’t always be looking over their shoulder
  • Talk to their teachers at school about useful resources to purchase relevant for exams
Finally, do play your part as a parent as well and remind them that to be and do their best. If you think your child needs some support with his/her GCSE Mathematics and A-Level Mathematics, feel free to contact me Yetunde on
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