Simple Tips for Raising Champions. Series II

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Last week, I wrote as part of our February series, some simple tips for raising your children to be the Champions they deserve to be. Remember that children feel good when they are included in daily family life no matter how small. They love to feel valued and respected. A little gesture such as asking for their views on simple things around the home, make them feel that their thoughts and feelings matter and will help them grow to be confident men and women who will have the power to impact the world around them and make a difference! This week, I have put together more points and helpful tips to guide you on your journey!

  • Celebrate Small Victories: when your kids make progress at school or even at home, celebrate with them. When they overcome fear or any challenges they may face, no matter how small, it is important you celebrate with them by doing something together as a family or giving them little rewards. It would make them feel good and valued and will be more likely to take on challenges confidently in the future.
  • Small victories

    Small victories

    Be a Good Role Model Yourself: Model the behavior you want your children to see. They learn by observation and will treat others the way they see you treat others. Be intentional in demonstrating respect to others irrespective of age, race or social status.
  • Manage Your Own Anxiety: there is a saying which goes that anxious parents produce anxious children. Remember they learn by observation. They will learn to deal with their worries in the same way that you do. Deal with your anxiety and show them that you are in control and can remain calm. Stress relief concept.Life can be tough sometimes but they need to know you can manage your stress levels so their overall confidence in dealing with issues in the future will not be affected.

Watch out for more next week as I will be writing more tips to guide you on this journey and I am happy to be with you all the way. Hope you continue to have a wonderful week with the children.