Parents let go and children Live!

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Parents let go and children live! ( content for my blog)
It’s hard but we can all do it ! Once children are in university , they are now adults ,
give them that independence to make decisions and mistakes.
You cannot influence their lives as before but the solid foundation you have given them
now comes to play.
Stay in touch by encouraging and supporting them as a coach and sign post them to where
to get right advice in their uni . Build a good communication on the phone, Skype or
FaceTime. Always be there for them
3 main topics to always share with your children :
Finances : how not to get into debt, have financial plan , savings and investment .
Health : implications of insufficient sleep, unhealthy eating, ignoring potential serious
illness, partying too much, misuse of drugs , alcohol , sexuality and sexual
Safety: how not to get involve in crime and how to be safe on campus .