Bose work with Ko-Su

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Bose work with Ko-Su
KO-SU is the innovative mobile learning platform that enables anyone and everyone to teach, train and learn via mobile devices.
In simplest terms, KO-SU is a website plus mobile apps that allows teachers and students to create their own learning activities and publish to mobile devices.
youTube video that provides a taste of KO-SU:
As one of our objectives to support girls within the community to thrive globally I decided to contact Gerlinde the founder of KO-Su to run a workshop for the Girls’ Brigade .
The girls really enjoyed the evening because of the following reasons:
Fun and informal way of learning
Learning by sharing , they were able to create their own activities that was shared with their peers.
It’s an alternative mode of learning for them.
Also it’s a way to engage the children and develop their creativity skill with technology .
When we have run workshops in schools, we have found that it works really well when the children create their own activities and then send them to each other to complete.
As a result of this workshop a parents meeting was arranged where the parents were encouraged to sign up for Kosu so that they can support their children with homework even when they are at work.