Building Resilience in Your Children (2)

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Week 2 – How can we build Resilience in children and young people?

To build resilience in your children you must be resilient as a parent. If you are a strong parent your children will learn to be strong when facing difficult situations. Parents are the best positive role models. Show your children  that you are not perfect and that adults make mistakes as well.  Always show compassion and kindness to others, your children will learn to show love to other people.

7 General Tips for Building resilience

1. The most important thing you can do as a parent to support your child/ children’s resilience is to build a loving and caring relationship with them in a stable environment. Create time to play with your children, show affection and give attention to what interests them. Show empathy and be a good listener.

2. Teach your children that it is important to eat healthy foods, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Let them engage in one sport or hobby that will give them the physical and mental strength they need to deal with life challenges.

3. Asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness everyone needs help occasionally. Encourage your children to ask for help and extra assistance in dealing with difficult situations.

4. Encourage them to make friends, show empathy, compassion and kindness to others. Teach the art of volunteering by engaging them in age appropriate volunteer work. Connecting with people generally provides social support and net work which strengthens resilience.

5. Teach your children to always be positive and optimistic even in the face of adversity. A positive outlook to life and situations enables your child to see good things only even when times are hard.

6. Setting SMART goals with your children can help to build resilience. Praise their efforts and accomplishments not just their success.

7. Help your children to see that change is an inevitable part of life. Transition from one school or key stage to the other can be very daunting for children. Discuss with them how you cope with life changes and give them strategies that can help them.