Mental Health in Children: How Parents can Help and Support

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Many people are put off trying to get help for mental health problems especially because of the stigma attached to mental illness . Parents,carers and families are embarrassed to talk about it. This delays early intervention and referral to the appropriate mental health services.

Early intervention is crucial in helping a child with Mental Health issues. It could save his life.

Here are some tips and advice on how to help:

  • Build a relationship of trustnot a judgmental or critical one
  • Active listening and accurate reflection to show that you are genuinely interested in whatever they are going through. 
  • Always encourage them to talk about how they are feeling 
  • Empathize with them by showing a lot of compassion . 
  • Be open and talk about Mental health problems ( It could happen to anyone. It is not a taboo and is treatable)
  • Explore areas where they are functioning well and work with them in those areas
  • Always encourage and reassure them that they will get better 
  • Talk to them, and not their problem
  • Seek professional help and support ; visit to the GP

When children with mental illnesses are properly treated, they can learn how to live a more promising life. They can overcome many of the issues that affect them and can live happy and productive lives that are filled with love, harmony, and a great mental health status.­
Thanks for reading my March series on Mental Health in Children. Below are some child and adolescent mental health services that can render professional help and support:

No child should face a mental health problem alone. Get help early.

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