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I hope you are enjoying this month’s series as I am enjoying writing them. Last week we talked about how to celebrate small victories by making your children feel special and how as a parent, it is very vital you learn to manage your own anxieties especially since most children learn by observation. This week, we are continuing on our journey on learning and putting to practice proven tips to help you raise your children as champions both in and outside the home.
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Empathy: Make caring for others a priority for your children. Provide opportunities for them to practice caring for others by encouraging them to pursue volunteering activities and also by modelling compassion, honesty and fairness.
Monitor their Feelings: Know your children and help them to deal with their feelings and emotions in a productive way. Negative feelings or emotions in your children can wreck havoc on their emotional equilibrium as well as their physical health. Managing these feelings is also not a one size fits all. This is why it is important to experiment and find out what works best for them and teach them how to deal with it in a productive way. different emotions cute little boy on a white background
Get Help if Necessary: As a parent, don’t be afraid to get help if you feel overwhelmed or you feel things are not going well for you. Happy parents make happy children so it is important you take care of yourself as well as your children.
As a parent, you are without question, the biggest enabler of your child’s success. Add your own identity and family flavor to these tips and enjoy practicing them with your kids. Make it a family team effort and remember that you are never travelling down this path alone. See you again on the next and final series on how to raise your kids as CHAMPIONS!
Love, Bose Agbesanwa.