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Every child is a champion one way or the other, we just need to help them see this and show them the benefits of positive thinking and hard work in order to achieve their dreams. We are not just raising kids, we are raising future adults! The way we are with our kids now determines how they turn out as adults. We all want our children to be great leaders, to  be happy and successful in life. To achieve this we must enable them gain strength in the required traits from the beginning. It is vital, [with adult guidance], they define a strong individual identity and independence to discover what they are able to do

This February, I have put together some simple and very efficient tips in making sure our children are raised as the champions they deserve to be.

  • Allow them to make choices. Everyone irrespective of age at some point in their lives feels powerless when they are not able to make their own decisions. Your children now may be too young to make choices but that does not mean we can’t chip in a lesson or two in choice making once in a while. Boy deep in thought
    Give your children choices in the day-to-day aspects of their lives. It might be whether they’d prefer a bath or a shower, or as hilarious as it may sound, if they prefer one shirt to the other . When you give your children choices, they learn how to make decisions, take responsibility and grow into confident adults.
  • Be Interested in what they are interested in. Children need boundaries. This is important. They also need encouragement to follow their passions. This is equally important. Let them know you are there for them and will guide them in whatever their are passionate about. They will learn to trust you and share their dreams and ambitions with you.
  • Teach them to be respectful. Children watch you even when you don’t know it. They will also treat other people the way they see you treat them. Show respect to others and your children will follow in your footsteps and show respect too.
  • Never show self doubt. Let your children see you are confident in your abilities. If you say you’re not good enough, your children will adopt this mindset too. Let them see you adopt a positive mindset. You don’t have to pretend. Let them know you are nervous if you really are but at least they can see you are not afraid of challenges and can get out of your comfort zone.
  • Help them focus on their dreams and ambitions and not their flaws.  toddler little baby superman superhero with a red cape flying through skyWhen children are encouraged to look outside themselves, they will learn the need to help others and contribute positively in whatever environment they find themselves in, whether at school or at your local community center, etc.
    Once they realise that life is about making a difference in the world, and how they can contribute and help others, their mindset will shift and their own insecurities and problems won’t seem so overwhelming.

    “Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.”

    -Muhammad Ali

Raising our children as champions is going to take a lot of work, patience, love and sacrifice. Accept and encourage their inner champion. Its in them. We just need to nudge them in the right direction to make them shine brighter as individuals and make you proud as parents!
Bose Agbesanwa