Moving Forward with your Children in 2016

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HNY2016Five Simple Steps to raise Champion Children


1. Be a positive role model
“Do as I do not do as I say!” Children learn through observation so it’s important to bethose traits you hope to develop in your children e.g. respect for themselves and others,loving and caring, honesty, tolerance, good manners, kindness and compassion. Set clear boundaries, consequences and be consistent. According to James Lehman “Your kids watch you for a living. It’s their job; it’s what they do. That’s why it’s so important to try your best to be a good role model.”

2. Listen to your children more
Communication is 2 ways, you have to be approachable, be interested and involved in their
lives. When you listen you can understand your children better which leads to healthy relationships. Make time to speak with your children everyday. They value TIME spent with
them than money and gifts.Time to play and time to work.

3. Be flexible
“I grew up a certain way so I have to bring my children up the same way”. You do not need
to be rigid in terms of culture and religion. Have clear standards, accept things as they happen and compromise a bit in order to move on. Identify their talents and develop their potentials.
4. Coping with stress
Find different ways of managing your stress level so that it will not affect your relationship with your children. Learn to control (take a deep breathe or walk away) your emotions and temper during stressful situations. Do not take out your frustrations on your children, this can lead to emotional unstable children.

5. Positive discipline
Children need firm and loving parents before they need friends (tough love). As parents
we need to have high expectations of our children, be clear about instructions, be firm
about following instructions and be consistent. Once the foundation is built then you can
be their friend.