EU Erasmus Project 2014

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EU Erasmus Project 2014

Bose will be the Lead/Contact person of this project, and brings her track record of educational expertise to bear on this project, especially since in her role as a Primary school teacher, with over fifteen years’ experience. She has also worked within the ‘Special Needs’ sections to provide support to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, i.e.. migrant and deprived.

Bose has good experience of working with the leadership teams in supporting teaching and learning, monitoring and developing expertise of working with English as Second Language pupils. While teaching in London Borough of Newham Bose led and managed Family Literacy Learning Project for refugee parents and children.

Her responsibilities included data collection, analysis and interpretation, advised on specific provision for underachieving children learning EAL – targeted resources including the deployment of bilingual and EAL support staff organised and designed intervention programmes. Bose devised and enacted strategies to ensure that parents and carers understood the school’s approach to learning and teaching of literacy and can participate as key partners.

Bose is an enthusiastic person with a strong knowledge of subject matter. She has the ability to work as part of a team using her initiative. She possesses excellent  organisational skills, good sense of humour and ability to connect with her students.

Since we are based in East London, which is regarded as one of most the deprived areas in England. We are concerned about the high rate of poverty and deprivation hence we have worked with the local council, schools and social enterprise to make things better.

We will work with trusted and experienced associates, who are selected for their niche expertise for the Alphabetization project.[See below]
1) Organizations we are able to cooperate with: Amandre Wilson College, Speech Dynamix,
Custom House Community Groups.
2) Institutions we can contact for dissemination: Parents Associations, East London
Networks, Newham Recorder Newspaper.
3) At a later stage we will be able to provide a suitable Foundation which matches with
the project goals (alphabetization, integration, migration, inclusion.) and possibly
could be contacted for financing follow-up projects.
Our background shows we have the required competences to deliver suitable outcomes with regards to video tuition for alphabetization and the dissemination. Along with educational partners will be able to undertake the following;
1) Creation of African material as contribution to the project with African clientele in
Britain. These Africans are immigrants who speak Yoruba (native language) and struggle to
speak good english so they can assimilate into the society.
2) increase of educational effectiveness by applied neurosciences.
3) hereby increase of intercultural competence through soft skill training and language
Our partners have qualifications such as e.g. teacher, social worker and can obtain
additional qualification by attending e.g. extended weekendcourses.
1) Amandre Wilson College would be able to assist with achieving official accreditation
of the training qualification.
2) We also have candidates without qualifications, who can follow a comprehensive dual
training course offered with unconditional access and may qualify as Neurodidactic
Alphabetization Ambassador within one year.