Parenting does not come with a manual

by | Oct 17, 2015 | Parenting | 0 comments

Parenting does not come with a manual and mistakes are often made. My girls Ayo and
Yemisi taught me few important lessons about parenting : children are different and need
different expectations , they are unique in their own ways , rewards and punishments are
sometimes not effective . Love and stability in the home is the key charity begins at
All families are unique in their own way and what works for family A will not work for B
in this book I hope to pass on time tested valves and insights that can be incorporated
into our different families despite or culture , race, age and creed. This book will
encourage and support parents in maximising their children’s potential to become good
citizens.its not too late to start a fresh with the children.
Good parenting starts from the womb what you eat, say, do life style affects the baby.